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What is a sworn translation?

When you need a sworn Chinese translation, it will have to be performed by a sworn Chinese translator. These types of translations are sometimes called sworn or sworn translations.

Translators must be registered in the Dutch register For Sworn interpreters And Translators (Rbtv) and also be sworn by a court to make sworn translations. You engage a sworn Chinese translator when, for example, you need a Chinese translation of official documents such as a birth certificate, a marriage certificate or a diploma.

Our sworn Chinese translators

The sworn Chinese translators at Beëdigd Vertaalbureau are all professionals. They have the correct terminology used in official documents because it is their daily business. Therefore you can always expect a high quality translation of Chinese.

In addition, all of our Chinese sworn translations come with a statement in the form of a stamp and signature from the sworn Chinese translator. This allows you to prove that your document has been translated word-for-word.

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Why sworn translation into Chinese?

Worldwide, over 848 million people speak Mandarin, the most widely spoken Chinese language, as their mother tongue. To this must be added 175 million Mandarin speakers who have this language as a second language. So this totals over 1,023 million people and also makes Mandarin the most spoken language in the world. Most of the speakers, as you might guess, live in China. Mandarin is also a spoken language in countries like Taiwan and Singapore and is also spoken in countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Therefore, chances are you will need a sworn translation into or out of Chinese.

Nevertheless, always check carefully with the relevant authority whether a sworn translation Chinese is accepted and which variant is needed. In most cases a sworn translation Mandarin is sufficient, but sometimes a sworn translation Cantonese is required. Should you still need a sworn translation in another language, think of a sworn translation English, we are at your service.

Having your document sworn translated into Chinese

A sworn Chinese translation is therefore easy to request at Beëdigd Vertaalbureau. Whether it is a personal document such as a birth certificate or marriage certificate, a medical document or a legal document, we have a suitable Chinese translator ready for you. We have experience in every sector.

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Why sworn translations by Beëdigd Vertaalbureau?

Why choose to have your document sworn translated by Beëdigd Vertaalbureau? Simple! There are several good reasons. We would like to list them for you:

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We can translate any document sworn to the letter

For any document you need sworn translation of, you can contact Beëdigd Vertaalbureau. Whether it is a personal or business document, we can help you with any sworn translation you need. Would you like to know more about the documents that can be sworn? Then take a look at our overview of possible sworn documents.

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Competitive rates

At Beëdigd Vertaalbureau we work with very competitive rates per page. Our rates are so competitive because we work with large numbers of translations and because we have automated the ordering process to a large extent. The efficiency of this process means that no unnecessary costs are incurred, and you will notice this in the prices you pay.

Safe | Beëdigd Vertaalbureau

Your information is safe with us

We understand that your documents contain personal information. And we also understand that you want this to be handled with the utmost care. This is a matter of course for us. We work according to the GDPR legislation and ensure that your documents are deleted after the delivery of the sworn translation. Your privacy is in good hands with us.

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Registered mail

Every sworn translation is sent to you by us by registered mail. Unfortunately, a sworn translation cannot be delivered digitally only. When the sworn translator has finished your translation, he or she delivers it to a PostNL dispatch point for registered mail. You will receive the Track & Trace code for the shipment from us, so you know that the sworn translation is on its way and when you will receive it. We do not charge extra for this, so you pay exactly what we ourselves pay for shipping.

Order a sworn Chinese translation

Ordering a sworn Chinese translation is just a few clicks away. During this process we show you our competitive rates, so there are no surprises. So order your sworn Chinese translation right away and our translators will get to work for you.

You can also visit Beëdigd Vertaalbureau for sworn translations of other official documents such as:

Clients speak out


"Outstanding. Despite the complexity of the testament and the fact that it had to be translated into Swedish, the sworn translation was sent within a few days. Very satisfied with the quality of the translation. Successfully managed to use the translation of the testament without any comments."

H. de Groot
Type of document: Testament
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"Very pleasant and fast way of communicating and acting. The (translation) process went very smoothly and within a few days the sworn translator delivered the translation, despite the complexity of the summons. We were relieved of a great deal of worry and received a high-quality translation at a very fair price, but above all within the timeframe that was necessary for us. Compliments!"

G. Meijssens
Type of document: Summons
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"Fast & efficient. That's how I experienced the service of Beëdigd Vertaalbureau. Within two business days I had a sworn translation of my purchase agreement into French. Great experience since this translation was urgently needed. Very satisfied with the quality at this price and therefore I would definitely recommend it."

J. Clement
Type of document: Contract
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sworn translator? plus

A sworn translator is a translator who is listed in the Dutch register For Sworn interpreters And Translators (Rbtv). A sworn translator is sworn in by a court of law. To become a sworn translator, the translator must meet a number of quality requirements for education, work experience and integrity. The translator must also do continuing education to maintain his or her status as a sworn translator.

What kinds of documents are often translated by sworn translators? plus

Documents that need to be sworn translated are in most cases documents with an official or legal status. You can think of birth certificates, diplomas, contracts and identity documents (driver's licence, passport).

Do I need a sworn translation? plus

Whether you need a sworn translation depends on the rules in the country where you are going to use the document. Sworn translations are often needed at official moments, such as a move, a wedding or for a court of law. You should check with the foreign embassy or consulate in the Netherlands whether your translation needs to be sworn. Your notary or lawyer can often advise you on this.

Can I also pay after delivery? plus

This is possible for corporate clients, but not for individuals. Do you want to request sworn translations on behalf of a company? And do you need a sworn translation more often? Then fill out the form on our business page and we will contact you as soon as possible.

What is the maximum size of my file to be translated? plus

There is a maximum limit of 5 MB.
Do you have a file that is larger and can't resize it to a maximum of 5 MB? Then please contact us.