What is a sworn translator?

A sworn translator, also often called an "official translator," is qualified to make sworn translations. The translator makes translations of official documents and must ensure that the sworn translation is an accurate representation of the original document. Only if you are listed in the Dutch register for sworn interpreters and translators (Rbtv) and have been sworn in by a court in the Netherlands are you also a sworn translator.

Only sworn translators can authenticate translations intended for official purposes. The translator then attaches the sworn translation to the original document, certifies that the translation is a faithful and accurate representation of the original document, and provides the translation with a stamp and signature. Sworn translations of, for example, your passport, marriage certificate or driver's licence are then considered "official" translations.

How do I find a sworn translator?

Finding a sworn translator can be tricky in some situations. Especially when you need a sworn translation in a less common language, such as Korean, Somali or Greek. Therefore, it is always best to turn to a specialized translation agency. They have the necessary networks to engage the right professional sworn translator for you. In case you need a sworn translation in a language that is spoken in several places in the world, always indicate in which country you will use your sworn translation. After all, it may be the case that in two countries where the same language is spoken, different terms are still used for certain words.

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How do you become a sworn translator?

Being a translator does not automatically make you a sworn translator. To become one, you must be registered in the Dutch register For Sworn interpreters And Translators (Rbtv). Only then are you authorised to make sworn translations. To be listed in the Rbtv, sworn translators must meet a number of quality requirements, so you can be sure that your sworn translation will be translated correctly.

For example, a translator must be able to demonstrate language proficiency in both the source and target languages. You can demonstrate this if you have completed a translation course at at least bachelor level or passed an Rbtv translation test at C1 level. In addition, the licence is only valid for 5 years. So the translator is also required to do continuing education to remain a sworn translator.

A sworn translator for any document

Beëdigd Vertaalbureau has a large network of sworn translators. Therefore, we always have a sworn sworn translator ready for you, for your translations of any document. Wondering what kind of documents our sworn translators can take care of for you? Then take a look at our overview below.


Our in-house sworn translators

Translator English
Translator English

Dorine Stevens-English

Dorine graduated from the Translation Academy in Maastricht and obtained the MA in English Literature and Culture from the University of Amsterdam. She then gained experience in the legal sector at a law firm. Since then, she has been working as a legally sworn translator English to Dutch as well as a translator Dutch to English for over 8 years.

Translator German
Translator German

Tamara Fabritzius

Tamara was raised bilingual with German parents in the Netherlands. She obtained her Bachelor of Translation from the Academy of Translation in Maastricht and followed a master's degree in conference interpreting in Germany. She is a sworn German interpreter and translator and is at your service for your sworn translations from and into German.

Translator French
Translator French

Paul Groenen

Paul started working as a French translator after completing his master's degree in French Language & Culture at Radboud University in Nijmegen. By now he has enjoyed working as a translator for over 8 years and is a sworn translator.

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What are the requirements to register as a sworn translator in the Rbtv?

In order to register in the Rbtv as a sworn translator, you must meet certain quality requirements. For example, you must be able to demonstrate your language skills in both the source language and the final target language. You can demonstrate this if, for example, you have completed a translation course at least at bachelor level or passed an Rbtv translation test at C1 level. Knowledge of the language and culture of the country of the source and target language is also taken into account. After all, as a translator, you need to keep up to date.

Only when the Rbtv approves the request for registration will the translator be officially entered in the register. The translator then takes an oath at the court in order to officially call himself or herself a sworn translator.

More about the requirements of the Rbtv
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Is the sworn translator in your required language not not listed?

No worries! Perhaps your required language is less common so that it is not found in this list. We have sworn translators available in any language. Is your required language not listed when ordering? Then please fill out this form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sworn translation? plus

A sworn translation, also called a sworn or sworn translation, is a translation made by a sworn translator. This translator is registered with the Dutch register For Sworn interpreters And Translators(Rbtv) and has been sworn in by a court of law. Translations made by sworn translators are legally valid. So you engage a sworn translator when you are looking for a recognised translation of official documents. Think of evidence for a court, marriage certificates, statutes or birth certificates.

Do I need a sworn translation? plus

Whether you need a sworn translation depends on the rules in the country where you are going to use the document. Sworn translations are often needed at official moments, such as a move, a wedding or for a court of law. You should check with the foreign embassy or consulate in the Netherlands whether your translation needs to be sworn. Your notary or lawyer can often advise you on this.

How long will it take to receive the sworn translation? plus

How long it takes to receive your sworn translation depends on the number of pages, the language combination and the country to which the translation needs to be sent. Call us at +31 (0)85-0080839 to discuss what is possible.

We always aim to deliver within 3 business days, requiring 2 business days for the translation itself. If the document contains more than 6 pages, we may need more than 2 working days for the translation. And also if the language combination you need is quite rare, we may need more time.

When the translation is ready, we deliver it for registered mail to PostNL and share the Track & Trace code with you so you can track the delivery status yourself.

For shipments within the Netherlands, PostNL normally delivers within 1 business day, with Tuesday through Saturday as delivery days for PostNL. For shipments to other countries, delivery times vary widely. On the PostNL website you can find the most up-to-date information on delivery times.