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The emergence of Beëdigd Vertaalbureau

The web shop at Beëdigd Vertaalbureau was conceived and created by Translation Agency LinQuake. Through our years of experience in the business translation world, we saw that it is often extremely difficult for people and companies to find a sworn translator when they need one.

What is so unique about Beëdigd Vertaalbureau?

First of all, we are the only translation agency that is fully specialized in providing sworn translations. We do nothing else and that is why we are good at it. You can tell by our efficient ordering process and fast delivery.

Requesting quotes and waiting for a response is often a time-consuming process, while you would usually rather receive a sworn translation yesterday than today. Moreover, for some languages it is very difficult to find a sworn translator who is also immediately available for your text.

We understand this all too well at Beëdigd Vertaalbureau. That's why we have devised a user-friendly ordering process that makes waiting for a quote a thing of the past: we show you our competitive prices right away when you order your sworn translation.

We also have a large network of sworn translators, because we do this work every day. We can quickly find out which translator can translate your text in the shortest time and at the best conditions.

Each sworn translation has a fixed price per page, including VAT. This way, there are no surprises and you can order your sworn translation in just a few clicks. Finally, registered mail is included in the costs, so that as little time as possible is lost in sending the sworn translation by post. You will receive a Track & Trace code in the mail once the translation has been sent by us.

So: no more time-consuming search for a qualified and available sworn translator, just order and Beëdigd Vertaalbureau will make sure the translation is in the mail within a few days.

Our in-house sworn translators

Dorine Stevens-English

Translator English

Dorine graduated from the Translation Academy in Maastricht and obtained the MA in English Literature and Culture from the University of Amsterdam. She then gained experience in the legal sector at a law firm. Since then she has been working for over 8 years as a legal sworn translator English to Dutch, but also as a translator Dutch to English. She is at your service for your sworn translation English.

Paul Groenen

French translator

Paul started working as a French translator after completing his master's degree in French Language & Culture at Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. By now he has enjoyed working as a translator for over 8 years and is a sworn translator. He is ready for your sworn translation French.

Tamara Fabritzius

Translator German

Tamara was raised bilingual with German parents in the Netherlands. She obtained her Bachelor of Translation from the Academy of Translation in Maastricht and followed a master's degree in conference interpreting in Germany. She is a sworn interpreter and is at your service for your sworn translation German or sworn translation Dutch.

Clients speak out


"Very professional help. Beëdigd Vertaalbureau helped me to decide which language my marriage certificate needed to be translated into. I also received the sworn translation on time. When I need a sworn translation, I will definitely come back!"

D. van Woensel
Type of document: Marriage Certificate
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"Easily ordered a sworn translation of my degree. Great not having to wait for a quote and being able to checkout immediately. Moreover, the translation was sent to me very quickly. After I made a mistake in the delivery address, this was quickly resolved by the support team. Pleasant experience."

H. Scholten
Type of document: Diploma
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"Very pleasant and fast way of communicating and acting. The (translation) process went very smoothly and within a few days the sworn translator delivered the translation, despite the complexity of the summons. We were relieved of a great deal of worry and received a high-quality translation at a very fair price, but above all within the timeframe that was necessary for us. Compliments!"

G. Meijssens
Type of document: Summons
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