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What is a sworn translation Danish?

Now that you know you need a sworn Danish translation, you may be wondering what a sworn translation actually is. We are happy to explain that to you. A sworn translation Danish is a translation that has been translated word for word into Danish. This type of translation can officially only be performed by a sworn Danish translator. Sworn translators are translators who are registered in the Dutch register for sworn interpreters and translators (Rbtv) and are authorised to make sworn translations.

Sometimes these types of translations are also called sworn or sworn translations. When you need a translation of an official document such as a marriage certificate or a birth certificate into Danish, you will need to hire a sworn Danish translator. Fortunately, Beëdigd Vertaalbureau can easily help you with this.

Our sworn translators Danish

At Beëdigd Vertaalbureau, Danish sworn translators are true professionals. This is because a sworn Danish translator knows the terminology used in official documents. This ensures that the sworn Danish translation of your document is always performed perfectly. In addition, all our Danish sworn translations come with a declaration that your document has been translated word for word.

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Why translate sworn to Danish?

Around the world, there are about six million people who speak Danish. These are mostly residents of Denmark, but also immigrants who have left Denmark and now live somewhere else in the world. As a result, the Danish language is also spoken outside Denmark. For example, Danish is also spoken on the Faroe Islands and in Greenland. Nevertheless, a Danish sworn translation will often only be needed when you enter into official proceedings in Denmark. To be sure, we recommend that you always check with the relevant authority. Should you need a sworn translation English instead of a translation Danish, we are of course also at your service.

Have your document sworn translated into Danish

Whatever type of document you need to have sworn translated into Danish, Beëdigd Vertaalbureau is the place to go. Whether it's a high school diploma, a marriage certificate, a medical document or a subpoena, we always have the right translator ready for your sworn Danish translation.

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Why sworn translations by Beëdigd Vertaalbureau?

Why choose to have your document sworn translated by Beëdigd Vertaalbureau? Simple! There are several good reasons. We would like to list them for you:

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We arrange everything for you

Finding a sworn translator for your document can be a long and complicated search. Moreover, the translator must be available, affordable and reliable. Beëdigd Vertaalbureau works with a huge network of professional sworn translators. So we know exactly who is competent and available to perform your translation. Moreover, we take care of all the financial and administrative arrangements. All you have to do is order the sworn translation and everything will be taken care of by us!

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At Beëdigd Vertaalbureau, you will be helped by licenced professionals. Each translator employed by us is a sworn translator for the language combination you need. So you can be confident that the translation you receive is a faithful representation of the original.

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Competitive rates

At Beëdigd Vertaalbureau we work with very competitive rates per page. Our rates are so competitive because we work with large numbers of translations and because we have automated the ordering process to a large extent. The efficiency of this process means that no unnecessary costs are incurred, and you will notice this in the prices you pay.

Order a sworn translation Danish

Ordering a sworn Danish translation has never been easier. In fact, you can order one in just a few clicks! We will immediately show you our competitive rates for a Danish sworn translation and if approved you can easily checkout. Simple isn't it? At Beëdigd Vertaalbureau you are also assured of the highest quality sworn Danish translations. So get started right away with ordering your Danish translation so our sworn translators can get to work!

Beëdigd Vertaalbureau can help you with a sworn Danish translation of various official documents. For example:

Clients speak out


"Outstanding. Despite the complexity of the testament and the fact that it had to be translated into Swedish, the sworn translation was sent within a few days. Very satisfied with the quality of the translation. Successfully managed to use the translation of the testament without any comments."

H. de Groot
Type of document: Testament
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"Very pleasant and fast way of communicating and acting. The (translation) process went very smoothly and within a few days the sworn translator delivered the translation, despite the complexity of the summons. We were relieved of a great deal of worry and received a high-quality translation at a very fair price, but above all within the timeframe that was necessary for us. Compliments!"

G. Meijssens
Type of document: Summons
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"Easily ordered a sworn translation of my degree. Great not having to wait for a quote and being able to checkout immediately. Moreover, the translation was sent to me very quickly. After I made a mistake in the delivery address, this was quickly resolved by the support team. Pleasant experience."

H. Scholten
Type of document: Diploma
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sworn translator? plus

A sworn translator is a translator who is listed in the Dutch register For Sworn interpreters And Translators(Rbtv). A sworn translator is sworn in by a court of law. To become a sworn translator, the translator must meet a number of quality requirements for education, work experience and integrity. The translator must also do continuing education to maintain his or her status as a sworn translator.

What kinds of documents are often translated by sworn translators? plus

Documents that need to be sworn translated are in most cases documents with an official or legal status. You can think of birth certificates, diplomas, contracts and identity documents(driver's licence, passport).

Do I need a sworn translation? plus

Whether you need a sworn translation depends on the rules in the country where you are going to use the document. Sworn translations are often needed at official moments, such as a move, a wedding or for a court of law. You should check with the foreign embassy or consulate in the Netherlands whether your translation needs to be sworn. Your notary or lawyer can often advise you on this.